Hosts James Patrick sits down serial-preneur and FITposium presenter Jon Boles, owner of Avintiv Media and founder of Modus Apparel.

The episode starts out with Jon discussing the importance of being vulnerable and transparent and how he has lived most of his life being scared of his past and of people not accepting him. As a college dropout Jon was made fun of and told he would not accomplish anything. But he quickly launched a six-figure business.

The two discuss how entrepreneurs will fail year after year and hit so many roadblocks before their breakthrough and how important it is to realize that the coaches, entrepreneurs and business mentors that we look up to are not at the end game but really only a few steps ahead of where we are. Yet all we see is their success. We don’t see how hard it was for them to get where they are or how hard it still might be for them.

Jon gets into his consulting practice and why he encourages his clients to start with their vision of why they want to do the work they are pursuing. He now has more amazing relationships, have 10X his income and works fewer hours than ever before.

The two get into Jon’s past and what brought him out to Arizona and launching his various brands and what motivates him when he is coaching and consulting his clients. He also discusses why he cut out 10 of his closest friends to try and move himself forward. James gets into how infectious people’s energy is and how people should be aware of their bad energy and pushing their bad energy onto other people.

Jon and James then get into how people need to show value to their clients and how they can raise their prices by showing value.

James then shares why it is actually doing your clients a disservice by undercharging them. Jon then points out that clients who don’t want to pay for a high level service are the neediest people in the world whereas the highest paying clients typically are not at all.

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