Happy New Year FITposium Tribe! We are so excited to bring you our first episode of the 2019 featuring an interview with entrepreneur, podcast host and business coach Chris Harder.

This episode covers the reason why Chris left a successful banking job to seek more fulfillment and the struggles he and many entrepreneurs face including fear of launching and money mindset.

Chris, along with host James Patrick, discuss many of the obstacles that entrepreneurs can get stuck in, or slowed down with, and how to shift their mindset and their approach to break free and regain momentum.

Today, Chris is now partnered with his wife Lori Harder and handles most of the business affairs and business coaching for their two multi-million dollar brands – finding the exact fulfillment and happiness he was seeking in a career.

He is also the host of the hit podcast “For the Love of Money” which is aimed at helping people bust through their money mindset blocks to become unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth. Chris’ mastermind, also called For the Love of Money, is launching into its second year. Listeners can connect with Chris directly on Instagram @chriswharder

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