In the latest episode of the FITposium Podcast, host James Patrick chats with seven-figure entrepreneur, #1 Best Selling author, TEDx speaker, 10-time cover model, three-time fitness world champion, FITposium keynote speaker and all-around goddess Lori Harder.

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James and Lori start the show by discussing where Lori grew a passion for fitness and her reason for wanting to work in the service of others. With her book, events and programs she has been able to help so many on their self discovery and fitness journey. Lori works daily to empower people to not only connect within themselves, but also to learn to fall in love themselves and the lives they lead.

As the show continues, James and Lori discuss the challenge of trying to reinvent one’s identity, the motivations for needing to do so and the fears that surface during the process. Lori reveals how she discovered her calling in life by exploring the extremes while James added on the importance of curiosity to propel action.

The two conversed on the chasm between the present of “what is” and the prospect of “what could be” in our future if we decide to get out of our bubble to do something that terrifies us.

Ultimately we must ask ourselves where we want to be headed and how we can create a life that we desire.

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