Are you ready to take action on your big idea but you can’t seem to stay focused, work efficiently, or get anything substantial accomplished during the day? I can relate! As an entrepreneur, it’s very easy to get distracted by so many things, like: social media, co-workers, household chores (if you work from home), and all of the other bazillion items on your to-do list. Don’t worry, I am going to share with you my top tips to get shit done and increase your productivity!

These 4 tips are not just a simple list of ideas, but a series of videos and worksheets that you can work through to implement these tactics into your daily routine ASAP. If you follow the steps I’ve outlined for you, I guarantee you will get more done during your day, relive stress and have more time to continue building your amazing brand.

Step 1 is cleaning house. She discusses your energetic state, your mental state and your physical space. Starting with your energy, you are responsible for the energy you let into your life. Who do you surround yourself with? Do those people inspire and challenge you to be the best version or yourself, or do they suck energy away from you? You need to protect your energy by looking at the people you surround yourself with. Ask yourself if you need to make changes. In regards to your mental state, most of us have a never-ending to-do list which creates anxiety and robs us of productivity. Get rid of things on the list that just bog you down and only keep priorities on the list. Finally look at your physical space. Walk through your house and take care of the things in your physical space to organize them, which will build your confidence and energy to increase your productivity. To recap step one for cleaning house… 1. Protect your energy by surrounding yourself with inspiring people 2. Get rid of your to do list, shorten it down by completing one thing at a time 3. Clean up your physical space so you enjoy being in it. Download Step 1 PDF

Step 2 is to F social media. Yes social media is important to grow our brands, but by making a few small tweaks you can boost your productivity. There is a particular time of day where you are most productive in your business. During those times, be sure to turn off all push notifications. When you’re working on your computer, close out your e-mail so you can be completely devoted to your work and productivity time. It is difficult to do but gives great results. Work yourself down to checking your social media, if possible, to once a day. When you do look at social media, how do you feel after? Do you find yourself comparing to others and it lowers your energy? Be sure the accounts you follow inspire you and that you are not following accounts that pull your energy into a bad direction. You want your social media channels to uplift you to meet your goals and not pull you down. Finally, if you have something true to you that is authentic, then do not hesitate to post it. Your true fans will truly appreciate it. Download Step 2 PDF

Step 3 is the one thing. Write your main goal down if you have not yet. Next you will want to unload your brain and think of all the action items that need to happen for you to meet that goal. In the video Carmen goes through an example of how this can be done. From there, in order to meet the goal, pick one thing to do a day for the next two weeks in order to start working towards that goal. This prevents you from overloading and overwhelming yourself. This shifts your mindset to being excited and feeling accomplished. For more details on this step Carmen recommends the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. Download Step 3 PDF

Step 4 is to start before you think you’re ready. You need to take action on something today before you think you are ready. Action creates momentum, which creates results. The most successful people in the world all start before they are ready. True, you might not be very good when you start, but that is where the magic happens as you learn, grow and adapt as you go through the process. Take the next best necessary step to take action – that is what is going to move you forward. Our greatest enemy is lack of action. Download Step 4 PDF

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