The James Patrick Photography team has had to hold our fair share of model and talent casting calls on behalf of our editorial and commercial clients. More often than not, we are organizing the casting search efforts online, requesting interested models to submit specific information so we can review it to make the best decision possible.

What follows are recommendations for how to stand out when applying to an online casting call, as well as some things to avoid so that your application does not get tossed out.


  1. We had one talent contact us recently to say that they were interested in being a part of our casting call, but if we were interested in them we would be required to contact their manager. Having to bring in a third party is now giving us an extra step, something additional to do that we were not planning on as well as a potential barrier to get through. Never give casting clients additional work to do. Your job as a talent is to make other’s job easier.
  2. We had another contact us saying only they were interested in talking to us about the project. The message did not say anything else. What does that even mean? Are you interested in it or not? Why would a talent request the casting client to now contact them to talk about it when there are other people actually sending in their applications completed.
  3. More times than I can count, we have a female talent send images that do not correspond to the type of project we are casting for. Typically it would be overly revealing images when we are booking either a fitness or lifestyle commercial campaign. Sending in images like these can really get someone blocked out from a lot of work.
  4. Do not apply for casting calls that you truly do not qualify for. Of course I encourage everyone to try applying when possible. But, for example, if there is a specific casting out for someone with martial arts background and you don’t have it; do not apply as that is another thing the casting client now has to sift through.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, do not apply for projects that you are not even available to do. We will have talents apply for projects across the country and they cannot travel, or on certain dates that they are not available for or in styles they do not want to do.


  1. Do complete the requested information in its entirety. Make sure to double check the specifics of what the client is asking to be submitted so that nothing is left out.
  2. Do go above and beyond to include special skills or additional information that could be relevant to the casting client. What sets you apart from all the others applying? Make sure that is visible.
  3. Do include enough relevant images to allow the casting client to get a sense of your portfolio and abilities. Make sure the images look like you and are not overly edited or conceptualized.
  4. Do include relevant links in your application. It could be a link to your website, social media portfolio, YouTube channel or videos, specific articles you’ve written, or the like. Thus if the casting client has time and interest they can explore more into your brand.
  5. Lastly, do be professional in the composition of your application. Use spellcheck, make sure you are using the right names and make sure it is easily read and understandable.

Hopefully this will help you on your future casting calls.

James Patrick, ACG, ALS

James Patrick is the founder of FITposium and is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Arizona. His photo work has won numerous awards and has been published internationally. In addition, James works as a public speaker specializing in discussing brand development and marketing strategies. He is the author of the e-book as well as a contributing writer to numerous publications. His work can be see on his website as well as on Instagram @jpatrickhphoto