FITposium began with a simple question: what would happen if we gathered together the leading minds and top earners in the health and fitness industry to share their insights, best practices and lessons learned with others? Taking it a step further, if we did this, could we better the industry as a whole?

The inaugural conference, launched on October 17, 2015, gathered together more than 50 individuals including aspiring fitness talents, entrepreneurs, editors and business owners. Since that first date, FITposium has grown exponentially to help hundreds launch their careers!

The mission of FITposium is to provide fitness enthusiasts with the needed information, resources and opportunities to support them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. This is achieved through an annual conference, a connected community and an online continuing education network. Everything FITposium creates in predicated upon three essential pillars of education:

  1. How to establish your brand
  2. How to market your brand
  3. How to profit from your brand

The last element was the key that differentiates FITposium from other events, conferences or seminars. It is important that FITposium was not just providing information that only took attendees a small portion of the way to achieving their goals. The FITposum team wants everyone in the growing community to know how to leverage their growing clout and turn it into a sustainable revenue stream.

This is why FITposium sought out the industry’s leading experts as well as top magazine editors to share their insights to assist attendees in navigating their careers, knowing how to best market themselves.

In addition to this, FITposium established a method to provide real world opportunities for attendees to book the work that could launch their careers through talent casting calls at the events including magazine covers, interior features, sponsorship opportunities, commercial projects and even writing positions at publications.

The overwhelming success of our events led to the launch of our online continuing education network, aptly named FITposium U, that offers a variety a growing library of podcasts, articles and videos all aligned with sharing the key information, inspiration and insights to help aspiring fitness professionals succeed.

In addition, the FITposium online store contains a series of e-books including FitModelGuide and The Professional Model’s Playbook that includes information that models should know in order to help them get published in the health and fitness industry. For the entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running, we created The FITposium Launch Program, which is a 6 part course that guides members to launching their idea into a real business. These are just a few of the opportunities we create for our community.

As FITposium evolves, we will continue to seek out the best ways to share the best resources and the best information with you, our FITposium Family.

On behalf of the entire FITposium team I wanted to conclude by thanking you for being a part of our expanding brand. I am truly excited for the future of FITposium but am even more anticipatory of your future success putting the information to use to begin to make a profit with your dreams!


James Patrick, ACG, ALS – FITposium Founder

“FITposium completely exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about how to market myself as a model and what it takes to really succeed as an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. Each speaker provided valuable information and were all entertaining. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who has a passion for fitness, modeling and business. I’ll certainly be back for many years to come!”

– Renee Harshley, Fit Modeling Talent, Owner, Fit Choice Foods