Host James Patrick sits down with fitness talent and entrepreneur Karey Northington and starts by recapping FITposium 2017 and then discussing the plan for the FITposium 2018 International Conference + Expo happening October 5-7 next year in Phoenix, Arizona. Karey then talks about the upcoming launch of Protein House Gilbert and how important it is to grind out and work hard to pursue a passion.

The two then address the DNA it takes to want to do multiple things simultaneously, why it is important to launch ideas before you feel they are ready and the danger of selling yourself short.

From there the two discuss how people do not get on social media to make purchases, but it is a great place to build rapport and confidence with your audience and how to cut through all the noise by being niche and knowing who you’re targeting and talking to.

Karey and James then discuss the barriers people face to launching their own online business and how it is important to create a baseline first that you can then build residual income off of and how the buyer now has more power than ever before.

The episode concludes with addressing the reality that we all work in sales now –we just never called it that. This makes us all good sales people.

Protein House Gilbert is now open so be sure to check it out!

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