Hosts James Patrick and Jason Black start the show off talking about Jason’s new venture Agstract Apparel and their upcoming yoga event called Agtive. They then welcome in brand specialist and co-owner of Root + River, Emily Soccorsy.

Emily shares the story of how Root + River was born with the idea that branding was no longer a manufactured reality and it is who you are and how other people experience what you believe.

She talks about how the brain makes decision and the importance of speaking the language of belief. From there the group gets into the importance of authenticity in one’s brand and how audiences will tap into that.

Emily then discusses why brands should focus on repulsion to actually help the viability of the brand.

In 500BC the phrase Know Thyself was placed into the lexicon. In order to have a successful brand, we must return to that expression.

The group then gets into the importance of telling stories in a brand and how that syncs up individual’s brain chemistry with one another. Then Emily discusses what make a successful brand story and what does not.

You can learn more about Emily and Root + River by visiting or on Instagram @emilyatlarge and @rootandriver

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