Hosts James Patrick and Jason Black sit down with the 2017 FITpreneur of the Year Award Winner and Best-Selling Author Lindsey Schwartz.

Lindsey shares the inspiration behind writing her first book, Powerhouse Woman, and how the writing process evolved the further she got into the book. She went from only writing 3 blog articles in 3 years to developing an idea that she could write a full book about. Spurring from the book Lindsey launched her own event and the formation of her upcoming “girl gang” where women truly support and cheer one another on through collaboration.

The group then discusses the overcoming of fear from launching a piece of work, such as writings or a book and how to overcome the bias in how we see our own work. James goes into a discussion of how to find inspiration to create work, and it may not be what you’re assuming.

From there the group discusses errors and why we should not cripple ourselves from launching our projects out of fearing making a mistake. Then the group handles how to deal with critique and feedback.

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