Hosts James Patrick interviews motivational speaker and performance coach James Silvas. The conversation begins with a bit of James Silvas’ backstory on how he got into motivational speaking in an interesting way at the very early age of 16 years old. It was then in college that James Silvas was able to move forward with the idea of being a performance coach and a speaker. He came up with his brand Be That 1% – which means being willing to do what 99% are not willing to do.

James and James then break down the call to action and what inspires people to move forward in their journeys and the importance of social accountability in overcoming hesitations. The thing listeners should understand is that when you set the right intentions and mindsets, opportunities will start to appear.

James Silvas then shares a story about the mental battle between love and fear and what we choose to feed into and how it impacts our lives.

The two then get into where people get stuck and how to get past those obstacles and roadblocks. The interview ends with James and James deconstructing vulnerability and how being vulnerable is actually what individuals need to move forward.

If you are interested in James Silvas’ upcoming event on April 28 in Las Vegas or looking to connect with him you can head over to or @James_Silvas on Instagram

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