Cover model and fitness entrepreneur Felicia Romero sits down with host James Patrick for this jam-packed episode that covers a wide array of topics. The duo start by discussing trends in the publishing industry and how Felicia grew her brand over the last decade and a half and marketed herself to various publications by doing great work and building and maintaining strong relationships.

The two then discuss how getting the cover of a magazine should never be the ultimate goal for a model or talent. It is a step to achieve something bigger and greater and must be properly leveraged.

After that, James and Felicia shift gears to discuss the evolution of the competitive fitness industry and how being a PRO competitor has become pervasive and is no longer a unique differentiator. Then they discuss the various ways talents can actually use social media properly to showcase authenticity and stand out amongst others.

In closing, they discuss Felicia’s approach to the rebrand of her own business and self, how she deals with negative online criticism and the inspiration behind the launch of her new business.