Professional Golfer and TV Host Blair O’Neal joins James Patrick to discuss her various strategies on how she has maintained and marketed her brand over the last decade.

Blair’s career seemed to really take off after two seasons on The Golf Channel’s TV Show The Big Break as well as being in Cobra Puma ads in the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue three years in a row, however her journey began just outside of college when she become a pro golfer.

She received her first modeling gig just after graduating and from that point on became very calculated on what projects she should look into. She contacted photographers, built her portfolio book and proactively worked hard to market herself to prospective clients.

Blair discusses how she was originally rejected by the agency she wanted to sign with, so she had to go back and build her work, resume and brand and earn their attention to eventually sign with them.

The two then discuss social media strategies on how one’s account must reflect their true persona and how specifically Blair comes up with ideas on what to post. We are all publishers now with social media and have to think about what content is most salient and interesting to our audience to get the most interaction.

Blair and James conclude by discussing the importance of starting things before you know how to fully do them and how persistence and grit will always surpass those who just have talent.