Fitness model and co-founder of the new supplement company Muscle With A Motor, Skip Wood, joins James Patrick for this new episode.

With a combined experience of three decades in the fitness industry, the two start by chatting about trends in the publishing industry, what magazines are closing, what magazines are being sold and which are being rebranded.

Then the conversation shifts to the original formation of Muscle With A Motor, which happened after the 2016 FITposium conference when Skip and a colleague came together with a new formula for sustained energy. At the time, they didn’t even realize they were starting a company.

From there they discuss the differences between large supplement companies and what a small business like his can do differently.

Skip and James then discuss the big question of should people quit their fulltime job to pursue their passion, and how to scale when to leave and jump ship.

The two then get into each of their experiences doing a men’s physique competition.

They then discuss how the company was branded with the name Muscle With A Motor, what it means, and finally – what the company is looking for when they will be casting for a spokesmodel at FITposium 2017. All attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to audition for this casting.

Check out the company at and on Instagram @musclewithamotor