In this week’s FITposium podcast we actually go back to an episode of TheProExposure (TPE) from October 2016 where we interviewed Callie Bundy who spoke at our 2016 conference and is slated to present at our 2017 conference.

Hosts James Patrick and Jason Black talk with Callie on how she transitioned from being a college athlete to her career in media and fitness, why being on a competition stage is actually hard for her and what to do when you step off stage without the results you expected.

From there, the trio get into an in-depth discussion on why the magazine cover should not be the ultimate goal for fitness talents, the issues with people focusing on social media popularity over quality and the intricacies of what makes a good pitch versus a bad pitch to a magazine editor.

The episode concludes with Callie recapping how she managed her social media videos going viral and what she learned through the process that helped grow her brand in the direction she wanted it to.

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