James Patrick sits down with Mike Arce, the CEO of LoudRumor.com and the host of The GSD Show to discuss the importance of being niche in your industry and how to maximize your lead generation tools. This is one of the most jam-packed episodes we have ever done. During this show, the two discuss why you should write and track your goals, how LoudRumor tripled their business, why you need to niche what you offer, the difference between responsive and disruptive advertising, how to increase conversion percentages online, how to properly leverage a thank you page, how now to spend anything on advertising, how to both up sale and down sale, and how to re-frame how you look at paying to market on social media. If you want to be great at sales and lead gen, you have to practice constantly. This podcast is a great place to start.

We look forward to having Mike Arce as a presenter at our 2017 conference. Be sure to check him and his companies out at: www.MikeArce.Live
IG/Twitter/Snapchat @mikearcelive

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