James Patrick sits down with gym-owner, personal trainer, fitness model and personality Dave Dreas and the two get into a fast-paced discussion on the misunderstandings and misuses of social media in the health and fitness industry. They cover how people try to stand out amongst the clutter online, the deconstruction of the need for social validation, the worse things you can do online, what types of content that should be posted to build the right following and why it is important to build true fans as opposed to useless fans.

From there, the two explore the hypothetical, but realistic, situation if social media went away entirely, how would people then market themselves and why it is essential to have downside protection. Instagram and Facebook will continue to change their algorithms making it harder for your content to be seen, thus how will you protect yourself and still be able to market and connect with your audience?

The two then hypothesize how video will be the lead tool by 2020 and how long tail content can create an endless number of ways for potential clients and leads to findyou.

You are now a publisher of content to an audience. Your mission is to give them the content that they want.

It is also important to understand the architecture of your website and how every page and blog on your website is a potential front door to your website.

The two finish the podcast talking about how to avoid paralysis in your marketing efforts.

You can connect with Dave at:
IG @DaveDreas
YouTube – Search Dave Dreas

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