James Patrick sits down with Rich Jacobs, the founder of MyHealthDetective.com, to discuss the acronym of GILFF that stands for Gut, Insomnia, Libido, Fat and Fatigue which are issues a lot of fitness athletes are dealing with.

Rich’s background was as a strength and conditioning coach for college athletes and was a part of 8 NCAA championships. After he left that job he got sick and had trouble finding a solution through conventional medicine, which was only trying to treat his symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. He eventually came across functional medicine and was able to find the root cause of his issues and corrected it. This inspired him to go back to school to study functional medicine and is currently in the process of getting his second masters degree in applied clinical nutrition to help other athletes, bodybuilders and fitness professionals.

The two then discuss how people need to look at functional medicine as a luxury that we can afford to be the best version of ourselves we can do in our health and wellness. James and Rich also chat about how important emotions can be in impacting our health both positively and negatively.

From there, Rich discusses how he works with new clients, his free 15 minute consult he offers and how he encourages his clients to take ownership of their own health and fitness journey. He then addresses what are common issues that may be plaguing many fitness competitors that they could be ignoring.

If you are interested in checking out Rich Jacob’s work or scheduling your own free consultation with him, head over to www.MyHealthDetective.com or seek him out on Instagram @MyHealthDetective.

Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming LAUNCH program for fitness entrepreneurs that will kick off right after FITposium 2017.

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