Recorded in the middle of FITposium 2017 host James Patrick sits one-on-one with Jill Coleman of who started her blog back in 2010 during the golden age of blogging. From there she blogged daily for two years straight to build up a very significant body of work.

The two discuss how brands are representing online, why it is important to be consistent and show up as often as possible and the dangers of waiting to perfect something before launching it.

Jill recommends instead of doing a ready aim fire approach, to do a ready fire aim aim aim approach. Where you publish and then get the feedback to refine future content. The most important thing is doing the work and getting experience.

James and Jill then talk about how to create mass accountability to keep us on track. Jill then gets into the 3 Cā€™s ā€“ consistent content constantly.

The podcast wraps up with the two discussing why e-mail lists are so much more important than social media followings.

Connect with Jill Coleman either on Instagram or Twitter @jillfit or on her website

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