Recorded in the middle of FITposium 2017 host James Patrick sits one-on-one with the editor in chief of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine Katelyn Swallow.

She shares a bit about her journey and how she became the editor in chief of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine. Then the two dive into the importance of quality images, how to develop a hard work ethic as well as the format of the publication itself amidst an attention crash and the struggles in the print industry.

James then brings up a very touchy subject on native advertising and the two discuss why advertising brands need to align with the magazine’s goals.

From there the two discuss controversies over Photoshop and what people may not know about images in magazines.

After that they discuss why models pitching should make sure they pitch “brand-appropriate” images, why they should niche themselves and how to leverage working for free.

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