Recorded in the middle of FITposium 2017 host James Patrick sits down with Kirstyn Brown, the editor in chief of STRONG Fitness Magazine and Erin Lutz the creative director of STRONG Fitness Magazine as they just finish their 25th issue and going into their 5th year of publishing.

STRONG Fitness Magazine started when both Kirstyn and Erin, who worked at Oxygen Magazine, lost their jobs when Robert Kennedy Publishing closed. They got called into a meeting with photographer Paul Buceta who wanted to start a new magazine. The trio saw how the industry was evolving and wanted to build a brand and community around STRONG. They realized that women wanted more than just a magazine, they wanted a community so they created the alter-ego to the standard fitness magazine.

James discusses with Kirstyn and Erin the evolution of the STRONG Fitness brand, the growth of their community and their success of their product amidst the struggles that runs rampant across the publishing industry. The three discuss both the creative direction of the magazine as well as the editorial goals and future for the publication as well as how STRONG Camps have grown to support the brand.

Then the group discusses how the publication seeks out contributors and featured women for the magazine and what Kirstyn and Erin recommend to talents to consider when pitching.

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