Evina Del Pizzo

1: How did you hear about FITposium?

I was originally invited to the first FITposium in 2015 by James Patrick. I have attended all three of them since then; the first two with friends, Raven and Estephania. Fell in love with FITposium every time and came on my own the third time.

2: What does FITposium mean to you?

FITposium means that there is a place fitness professionals can go to and get their questions answered to attain the marketing materials them need to help their business boom. Professionals can network with one another and encourage another to achieve those goals as well.

3: What is your favorite thing about the FITposium community?

We all share the same thing moving forward with our business. I love connecting with other members about what we love doing and getting ideas from others about becoming better at my business. I could go anywhere and spark up a conversation about the fitness business with anyone.

4: How has FITposium helped you/your brand/business?

FITposium has helped me step out of my shell. As outgoing as I am, I have a hard time with understanding sales and behind the scenes business stuff. I found FITposium specifically helpful when it came to understanding demographic marketing, Facebook marketing, and how to make my business and self-presentable to magazines and other persons interested in my services. .

5: What is your favorite memory/moment from FITposium?

I have many, but my absolute favorite was meeting up with new friends, and making new ones at the 2017 FITposium. At one point during the weekend, myself and 6 other women professional were all in my room helping each other give ideas for business and marketing. As well as helping some of the new attendees understand what a comp or ZED card it. I felt empowered to receive help from other professionals as well as give help to others new the industry.

6: What is your goal for you/your brand/business for 2018?

My goals for 2018 is to be published a minimum of at least 20 times this year, attain at least 50 new clients, and open my brick and mortar gym. CHEERS to 2018!