In this, the 100th episode of the FITposium podcast, host James Patrick is joined by original co-host Jason Black to talk with core members of the James Patrick Photography and FITposium about the launch of their first ever podcast seven years ago as well as the birth of the very first FITposium conference in 2015. James and his team share their stories of the lessons learned from FITposium 2015 how it has grown over the last few years. The team also has a few surprises for James along the way in celebration of the 100th episode.

James and Jason interview Amber Blom, who first started at James Patrick Photography production manager and is now the chair of FITposium talk about the first conference attempted five years ago. They share their candid opinion about the outcome, how it didn’t exactly work out as planned but how four months later with a vision and all hands on deck it came to be the stepping stone of what FITposium is now, five years later. They describe how much in five years the personality and quality of FITposium has changed for the better with each new year bringing in more attendees, higher caliber speakers and growing opportunities. Amber surprises James and Jason with a calculated guessing game called “The Cost is Accurate” where she lists a fitness product that James, Jason and a guest form the audience have to guess the price of. The end of the game leaves us with one nagging question, did Jason cheat, or does he just watch way too many infomercials?

Max Anderson joins in chats about how he first met James ten years ago, their most memorable projects and why it’s important to have the right director when acting. From surviving a hoard of starving body builders to producing zombie videos, they cover their colorful relationship thus far. Later leading into Max’s surprise movie game where Max lists a movie title and James, Jason and an audience guest member have to guess the top critic’s score of the movie.

Heather Vines-Bright, FITposium’s event coordinator and head of communications, talks with James and Jason about their professional past originally working together briefly before going separate ways then coming back together five years later to collaborate on FITposium.

James describes how much this year’s FITposium secret keynote speaker has affected his professional life as well as his personal trajectory. Kirstyn Brown, the editor of STRONG Fitness Magazine, then reaches out with an inspiring message for James and the rest of the team on their 100th podcast episode. To wrap up the episode a hilarious game of “Would You Rather?” has the team agreeing they’d all rather have the itch.

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