How did you hear about FITposium?

I had a fellow fitness professional here in Austin let me in on the secret! I heard her rave about how much she loved FITposium. I was so excited to come and see for myself!

What does FITposium mean to you?

FITposium is the ultimate platform to launch your own fitness business. Any direction you want to go there are experts showing you the way. Not to mention endless opportunities to get your brand out there and jumpstart your business.

What is your favorite thing about the FITposium community?

The pure energy you feel when you are there! You can see and feel how motivated everyone is to get their brand going! Meeting so many others fitness professionals was worth the experience alone!

How has FITposium helped you/your brand/business?

Wow! There’s so many reasons I could list! 

It’s the ultimate motivator to get your butt in gear and in the right direction for your business. 

You get to meet those who are already successful in your field and ask them questions 1-on-1! 

You have the amazing opportunity to meet editors and ask them how to get published! I had the amazing opportunity myself to get booked both times I attended FITposium! I was featured in Strong Fitness Magazine and also landed a feature in Fitness Magazine! 

I look back where I was the first year I attended and realize how much I have accomplished since then. It’s amazing what FITposium has done for my brand and my motivation!

What is your favorite memory/moment from FITposium?

I enjoy the mixers and night events to really get to know all the fitness professionals on a more intimate level. Nowhere else can you ask the experts in the fitness industry face to face!

Ashley King

Fitness Model | Online Fitness Trainer | Mom of Three