How did you hear about FITposium?
I had friends who went to FITposium in 2017 who had an amazing time. I looked into it after I found out what FITposium was about and decided this was just the thing I needed to network and excel my business.

What does FITposium mean to you?
FITposium to me means getting out of your comfort zone, emerging yourself into a community of fitness professionals who are learning, growing and connecting with each other to improve their own personal business or brands.

What is your favorite thing about the FITposium community?
The AMAZING PEOPLE in this community. It is incredible to be surrounded by so many like minded, hard working and inspirational fitness professionals.

How has FITposium helped you/your brand/business?
FITposium has given me so amazing opportunities for my brand and business. I am now a member of the Get Amped Up Mastermind that was announced at this last years FITposium and it is helping me excel and grow my business by keeping me accountable and making me push past my comfort zone. I also was selected to be featured in 3 magazines at FITposium. I was featured in Strong Fitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine and received the cover and a spread in Scottsdale Health Magazine all of which were released in January of this year. This gave me a lot of momentum going into the new year and has allowed my business to get more exposure and I have received numerous new networking opportunities, referral sources for new clients and paying clients from these features.

What is your favorite memory/moment from FITposium?
The award ceremony was my most favorite memory/moment from FITposium. I have never been interviewed by magazine editors so I had no idea that I was going to be selected to be featured in any magazine let alone 3. This really opened my eyes at the possibility of me to do more features for magazines in the future.

Ashley Wiens

IFBB Figure Pro, B.S. Food & Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, NASM CPT

Instagram @fitfabash