I went to FITposium 2017 not knowing what to expect.  I’m friends with Nicole Matthews and Heather Vines-Bright of ImprintFit and they suggested I come to get exposure in the fitness industry.  At that time, I had no idea what that even entailed!  So, I hopped on a plane from OKC to AZ, with my fitness gear and hoped for everything good to come of this experience.

I quickly realized that I had so much to offer of myself; that I needed to uncover that by attending FITposium.  Not only did I meet some of the most amazing people in the fitness industry, including James Patrick, Kelly Spartanos, Elisabetta Rogiani, and Karey Northington!  I also met some wonderful life friends there!  I decided to take part in a casting call for the first time in my life.  Audra Oden did a fabulous job of capturing my beauty as I had just turned 40.  I got casted for D’Fyne Fitness Magazine!  I was ecstatic!  I knew that I had found the right place to connect with like-minded people and was given a platform to share my unique story.  What FITposium has done for fitness entrepreneurs is outstanding: leading fitness professionals altogether in one place and allowed them to share their story, their struggles, and their triumphs in the industry.  For me, this helped create a unique niche where I fit in and stand out at the same time. It helped me to find my voice in the industry and grow from that experience.

After FITposium, I received my D’Fyne Fitness Magazine in the mail and was so excited to become a published entity.  This was something I never thought was possible at my age and at my level of fitness.  It means so much to me knowing that my story has value and that I have the power to inspire other women in fitness.

I continue to work hard in the gym and hope to be casted in STRONG Fitness Magazine or something better at the next FITposium!

I have my ticket to FITposium 2018, do you have yours?  I’ll see you there!

Shankari Paradee, RN