Fitposium has benefitted my life in so many ways. In 2015, I quit teaching 3RD grade and started my own personal training business, Flawless Fitness LLC, on a whim. I knew nothing about running a business, as my college degree was in elementary education, and I had only been personal training on the side for a little over a year. What I did know 100% though was that I am passionate about personal training and educating people on how to make healthy lifestyle changes, so I would do whatever it takes to succeed. Business was okay from 2015-2017, but I knew it could be going way better; I just didn’t know how. That’s when I found out about Fitposium!

I attended this conference with an open mind and super high expectations about networking and learning all that I could. The entire weekend was filled with thoughts in my head like “Why didn’t I think of that!?” or “OMG I’m doing that immediately!!!” The presenters openly shared so many ideas on how to grow a brand/business and actually succeed. I wrote notes non-stop and brainstormed all the ideas I wanted to implement immediately. The wealth of knowledge the presenters openly shared was amazing, and being in a room filled with so many like-minded, motivated individuals really pumped me up!

After attending Fitposium 2017, I was motivated to immediately finish my 6 Week Workout Guide that I had been struggling to launch for over a year! I started marketing on my social media in a whole new way and obtained more quality clients from doing so. I found an amazing program to re-launch my Online Training on, and even made a custom app for it! I launched a Spring Workout Challenge, and now doing my Summer Challenge. In April, I finally mustered up the courage to rent out a training space at SNJ’s Gym in North Scottsdale, which I had wanted to do for so long, but always made the “I can’t afford it” excuse. Since starting at the gym, I am learning more business tips from the owner, and feel like I have a family among the other incredible trainers there! My clientele is growing and I finally feel like my income will be able to sky-rocket and not be held back. In addition to these amazing benefits, I’ve learned how to pitch articles to magazines, and throw pitches out for fun in my space time.

Fitposium has not only helped my business and my brand, but it’s helped me form so many amazing relationships! Having the Facebook group and being connected on Instagram has made me feel like I am part of a community much bigger than just working for myself. It’s been so inspiring and motivating seeing other people from the conference do incredible things with their own businesses, and makes me want to work that much harder. I am forever grateful for the people I’ve met by attending this conference, and honestly can’t wait to keep going every year from here on out.

-Jess Hutchens

IG: @jesshutchensfit