2021 FITpreneur of the Year Applicants & Nominations

If you are a FITposium PRO or know a FITposium PRO who you believe is worthy of this award, please nominate them and let us why you think you or they would make a great selection. The winner will be recognized at the upcoming event in September, have their attendance covered and received a prize package from the event partners.

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FITpreneur of the Year

2020 FITpreneur of the Year Winner: Kristen Crowley

The winner of the 2020 FITprenuer of the year, Kristen Crowley, is one of the defining women that truly is the change the fitness and wellness industry needs. Crowley started as a television personality but pivoted to the fitness industry to better herself and eventually help other women accomplish their goals in the fitness/branding world just as she did.

Kristen attended her first FITposium in 2019 going into the conference with the goal of landing the cover of a fitness magazine. This became a reality three days later when she became the feature of Strong Magazine which was the lift off of her journey! KC since FITposium 2019 has took the risk of leaving her safety net of live television, created KC Media, became the co-founder of reFRAME Your Biz, and the founder of WELLFITsocial. When returning to FITposium 2020, despite the challenges of the year, was named the FITprenuer of the year.

Due to COVID-19, Crowleys’ original business model had to shift to online, but flourished to be larger than she could’ve ever imagined in such a small timeframe. Her journey was nothing as she anticipated; she originally wanted a slow start to growing her business, but it quickly became a fast-paced road to success. Kristen gave her potential success her everything and it was by no means easy but paid off in full. Kristen is the hardest worker in the room with the drive to not only accomplish, but to successfully surpass the exemplary. FITprenuer of the year is just the start to this massively successful entrepreneur!

What’s next for Kristen? Well, she will be hosting the second in person reFRAME photoshoot retreat in the fall and will continue to grow the businesses to their highest potential. We are so proud of Kristen Crowley and look forward to watching her business reach higher potential than she could’ve ever anticipated!

2019 FITpreneur of the Year - Dra. Oemil Rodriguez - FITposium

Our 2019 FITpreneur of the Year, Dra. Oemil Rodriguez, has truly exemplified the core principles that make up the foundation of what FITposium is all about. She has achieved extensive and exponential growth in her business, earned dozens of media features in the past year and has become a well known subject matter expert in her community!

Oemil has taken everything she has learned over the past years of attending FITposium and being a part of the Get Amped Mastermind not only to grow her business – but to consistently be the first person to be willing to step up and offer support to others.

2019 was a powerful year for Oemil as she took a huge leap in hosting the first ever international Powerhouse Women event in partnership with 2017 FITpreneur of the Year Winner Lindsey Schwartz. The event held in her home country of the Dominican Republic brought a message of community and collaboration to a sold out crowd of women who needed to her it.

Oemil also opened up her very own health and nutrition clinic and 4x her income from any year previously!

“Go for it! When you have something inside of you telling you, your gut, that you are meant to be and do something bigger – just go for it. Embrace the fear. It is not going to be pretty at first, but just keep moving in the direction of your passion and you will never feel like you worked a day in your life because you are doing what you are meant for!”

– Dra. Oemil Rodriguz, Accepting the 2019 FITpreneur of the Year Award


After attending FITposium, Dr. Megan Rigby turned what she used to see as a hobby into a full time fitness career that has been growing exponentially ever since.

In under a single year she scaled her business to a multi-6 figure level and has been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of women.

She also has teamed up with the 2016 FITpreneur of the Year Winner, Karey Northington, to launch STRONGER CAMPS – a series of bootcamp and educational workshops in the Phoenix area!


Our 2017 FITpreneur of the Year, Lindsey Schwartz, began her fitness journey asking herself one simple question, “why not me?”

Two years in a row she then took home the title of Miss Bikini Arizona at the Fitness Arizona Competition. Once she stepped off the stage she developed a passion for entrepreneurship and encouraging other women to start businesses of their own. Again she asked herself the question, “why not me?”

She launched her own book Powerhouse Woman: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Fulfill Your Unique Purpose and Live a Powerful Life. The book appeared on Amazon in April of this year and reached #11 in the list for Women in Business and #2 for Hot New Releases on Amazon making her a bestseller.

From there she then launched her first ever Powerhouse Women Event, which brought together more than 100 women for a day of inspiration and encouragement.

The 2017 FITpreneur of the Year truly embodies the brand of FITposium through everything she does. Our congratulations goes out to Lindsey Schwartz!


At our second annual seminar on October 1, 2016 FITposium honored the first ever recipient of the FITpreneur of the Year Award to Karey Northington.

Karey was selected for her impact as a leader in the industry, her career achievements and her unparalleled ability to inspire those around her. She transformed from barely being able to cover the cost of living at a desk job she hated, to a six-figure income doing work she was passionate about. The numerous nominations the FITposium team received on Karey affirmed that she was one of the most positive people could can meet who constantly motivates those around her. As a winner of the FITpreneur of the Year Award, she received a prize package including a full photo shoot, marketing consultation and much more. In addition, Karey was selected by Max Sports & Fitness Magazine to appear on their Jan-Feb 2017 cover and was signed to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition as a result of attending FITposium in 2015 and 2016.

“At this time last year I was working at a desk job and I was just miserable. I thought there was no way I was ever going to make a career in fitness. I came to FITposium 2015 and I saw everyone making it and it showed me it is real and it could possible. I just needed the permission to go for it and FITposium gave me that. If you take what you learned here today you can do the very same thing; I’m confident in that.”

– Karey Northington, FITposium PRO accepting the 2016 FITpreneur of the Year Award