For anyone who wants to start a business in the fitness industry, it can be incredibly intimidating and even paralyzing. Most people have no idea where to start, what to look for, or how to make any money from what they enjoy doing. Some fitness professionals don’t even know what they want to do or get really poor advice from others that have no idea how to run a business in the fitness industry. Honestly, even some people in the fitness industry can’t give you good enough advice. If you’re finding yourself nodding your head because you relate, here are a few tips to consider when you’re thinking about not just the fitness industry, but any goals that you’re trying to make when it comes to a career. 

  1. Be RELENTLESS: Some people would put this at the end of an article, but I put it first because it is definitely a personality type that must be necessary for anyone to start a business. If you want something, you have to be absolutely consistent and fearless. This is exactly what relentless means. It is so important that if you pick something up you unforgivably keep pushing forward. Because there will be people that are trying to stop you, and that is just going to happen. But if you’re relentless you won’t know it even existed. 

  2. Fuck your fear: I even second-guessed writing this but fuck that, it’s true. Gary V is one of my favorite speakers about marketing, and he is completely unforgivable about anyone who expresses fear. He’s absolutely right. One of the things that I learned going to school for social behavior, is that human beings are taught every fear they know except for two; The fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. These natural instinctual fears, is what has assisted us in survival in all mammalian families. Any other fear that is encompassed has been taught and accepted by the individual who has them. Let’s not forget what we were really meant to do, we are born fearless. 

  3. Goal list: this may be 10-20 pages long, but it will be worth it. Start off by writing from a micro cycle perspective; daily, weekly, and monthly. Then progressively go to where do you see yourself in three months, six months, nine months, one year, five years, 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years. This will give you all your value that you feel the fitness industry means to you. If you only want to be in the fitness industry for one year, thanks for showing up. But if you would like longevity, think of the things that would actually create longevity and monetary gains for the long run. You can even look at what steps it takes in order to get to the success that you want. When some time passes, you are able to look back and reflect on the things that you have accomplished or missed the mark. 

  4. Find solid mentors: there are going to be people who you vibe with and are going to make you feel like you can accomplish anything. And then there are the same people but, they’re going to charge you for it. If you’re someone who can pay for the services of being mentored, definitely pay for it. I have found some very solid mentors that have charged me nothing and that have given me so much information that I will forever pay them back. Then there is information that I’ve paid for, and gotten nothing out of it. It’s up to you to make the call, but I would be careful as to who and what you’re getting for the price you pay. 

Out of all of these small tips, none of them stand out but all of them matter. At the end of the day you are going to look at yourself in the mirror and either regret everything or smirk with accomplishment.

Evina Del Pizzo

Strong House Training

Experienced Model with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Event Management, Modeling, Marketing, Fashion, and Acting. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor’s degree (currently) focused in Social Sciences from California State University Northridge.