FITposium PRO Carmen Ohling is a nutritionist, fitness expert and personal empowerment coach shares Step 1 of her 4 steps to boost your productivity.

Step 1 is cleaning house. She discusses your energetic state, your mental state and your physical space.

Starting with your energy, you are responsible for the energy you let into your life.
Who do you surround yourself with? Do those people inspire and challenge you to be the best version or yourself, or do they suck energy away from you? You need to protect your energy by looking at the people you surround yourself with. Ask yourself if you need to make changes.

In regards to your mental state, most of us have a never-ending to-do list which creates anxiety and robs us of productivity. Get rid of things on the list that just bog you down and only keep priorities on the list.

Finally look at your physical space. Walk through your house and take care of the things in your physical space to organize them, which will build your confidence and energy to increase your productivity.

To recap step one for cleaning house…
1. Protect your energy by surrounding yourself with inspiring people
2. Get rid of your to do list, shorten it down by completing one thing at a time
3. Clean up your physical space so you enjoy being in it

Be sure to come back next week for step 2.

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