FITposium PRO Carmen Ohling is a nutritionist, fitness expert and personal empowerment coach shares Step 2 of her 4 steps to boost your productivity.

Step 2 is to F social media. Yes social media is important to grow our brands, but by making a few small tweaks you can boost your productivity.

There is a particular time of day where you are most productive in your business. During those times, be sure to turn off all push notifications.

When you’re working on your computer, close out your e-mail so you can be completely devoted to your work and productivity time. It is difficult to do but gives great results.

Work yourself down to checking your social media, if possible, to once a day.

When you do look at social media, how do you feel after? Do you find yourself comparing to others and it lowers your energy? Be sure the accounts you follow inspire you and that you are not following accounts that pull your energy into a bad direction. You want your social media channels to uplift you to meet your goals and not pull you down.

Finally, if you have something true to you that is authentic, then do not hesitate to post it. Your true fans will truly appreciate it.

Be sure to come back next week for step 3.

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