Dr. Oemil Rodriguez

About Our Feature:
I am a mother of three wonderful children that graduated from medical school in 2005. After that I went on to complete a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration in 2010. Despite these accomplishments, I wanted to find a way to help lead people to living healthier lives. So, I decided to obtain my personal training certification so that I could help people change their lifestyles before chronic disease develops. Rather than just telling my clients that anything is possible if you are committed, I decided to show them and embarked on my own body transformation which ultimately led to me obtaining my IFBB Pro Status.


1: How did you hear about FITposium?
I first heard about FITposium while I was doing a photoshoot with Audra Oden. She told me about all the great people that you meet and how they teach you the tools to improve your branding.

2: What does FITposium mean to you?
FITposium has been invaluable to me. The knowledge and tools that I have obtained while being involved with FITposium have given me the confidence to grow my business

3: What is your favorite thing about the FITposium community?
The camaraderie. Having the opportunity to meet such a wonderful group of entrepreneurs that support one another and motivate you when you feel overwhelmed has been invaluable.

4: How has FITposium helped you/your brand/business?
During the 2017 FITposium seminar, I had the opportunity to meet James Patrick, who had just started a program called Launch. In this program, I was given the opportunity to learn marketing tools that I was able to implement into my current marketing platform which has led to increase traffic to my website.

5: What is your favorite memory/moment from FITposium?
There were so many memorable moments from the 2017 FITposium. I was able to meet many other like-minded individuals that share the same passion for fitness as me but if I had to choose one, I would say that my favorite was the seminar by Chris and Heidi Powell.

6: What is your goal for you/your brand/business for 2018?
Since I recently relocated, my goals for this year is to reestablish my brand. Given that I am now in a completely new market, I am confident that the tools I learned at the 2017 FITposium will allow me to pick up where I left off.