How did I hear about FITposium?

My friend Mary, who lives in Scottsdale AZ, was grabbing a coffee with her hubby and saw in a local magazine an advertisement for FITposium. Since she has been a supporter and a fan of my fitness career, she thought I would love to attend the conference. I respect her opinion and took a chance on attending.

What does FITposium mean to me?

It is a one-stop place for the most relevant information on the fitness branding industry. It has been the greatest resource I’ve found to launch my fitness brand. It gave me the tools and practical knowledge to help me win at every level as I grow my brand and continues after the conference through following the speakers and FITposium on Facebook.

Favorite part of the FITposium community?

The community is honest, loving, and supportive. We, the community, are committed to success and to help and support others in their branding. The attendees make it feel like a big, happy, prosperous family. One where we can all get together to learn and share ideas that will ultimately help us move forward. The speakers at FITposium 2017 were clear, prepared, and inspiring. The speakers gave relevant advice on how to grow your fitness brand from every possible angle. Now, we all can learn from industry experts and start winning in the fitness branding business. The Fitposium group really wanted me to win and grow my brand. I think it is priceless and an ultimate value!

How did FITposium help me brand my business?

Ideas, ideas and more ideas! So many ideas. My head was buzzing with opportunities to follow up on. I realized I had a brand to build, hiding inside of me. The promoters, attendees, and speakers convicted me that I had something no one else could offer, and was born. Although my brand is still currently a work in progress, I did launch my website, a blog, and dramatically increased my sales in my Wellness Practice from the information that I learned at Fitposium. Fitposium helped me to see the path and provided the tools to execute my journey.

Favorite moment / memory?

Favorite Moment – Getting chosen for a feature in D’FYNE magazine. Favorite Memory – Celebrating everyone’s victory for all the amazing casting calls and hearing Bizzy Gold speak.

Goal for my brand and business 2018?

Enhancements and upgrading to triple my followers and to make a significant impact on their lives in fitness and wellness.