Unique to FITposium is the opportunity for attendees to pitch directly to top magazine editors, podcasters, casting directors, media producers and more for the unparalleled opportunity to land real media features. Every year at FITposium, dozens of attendees walk away with career-changing magazine, podcast and commercial features that expand their visibility and credibility.

At FITposium, VIP and In Person attendees will have the opportunity to submit for media features. If you have a General Admission pass and wish to upgrade to VIP or In Person so you can participate in the media pitch and submissions, please contact our support team at

The entire submission process is done online and includes submission your stats, bio, samples of your work (photos, writing samples) and finally a video submission where you will have up to 3 minutes to pitch yourself to the media partners. What follows are all the details you need to know to successfully submit your materials.

VIP and In Person Pass holders will be sent a link to fill out an online application and submit their photos and writing samples (if applicable) all through our online system. Submissions must be sent in by the due date indicated on the online form in order to be considered.

Once submissions are received, the FITposium team will then forward them onto all of our casting partners who will make their selections. Winners will be announced during the conference.

In addition to those who are selected and awarded features at the conference, casting partners have the opportunity to select and book additional attendees for features at any point throughout the year giving even more value and opportunities to attendees!


  • Study the casting partners to know which you could pitch to so you can best prepare yourself to stand out in your submission.
  • Prepare the appropriate materials you would like to share with the casting partners. These can include your bio, credentials, past work samples, past writing samples as well as your video submission (more details on all of that below.
  • BIO PARAGRAPH: Your goal with the bio paragraph is to quickly illustrate who you are, what you do and why matters. You have up to 250 words to get your message across, but that does not mean that longer is always better. Allow the casting partners the opportunity to get to know you, what makes you unique and why they should consider you without going on for too long.
  • RESUME/CERTIFICATIONS/SPECIAL CREDENTIALS/AWARDS: In this section you can list out any pertinent certifications, credentials or noteworthy achievements you have had. This section is not required however.
  • TOPICS / ARTICLES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PITCHING: Many of the casting partners (including magazines and podcasts) want to know topics you can speak to or write on. This section is where you can list specific topics you can contribute to their publication, podcast or network.
  • SAMPLE WORK: This is your opportunity to share some of your past work and have up to 5 spaces to do so. If you are only pitching yourself as a fitness talent or a photographer you can use all 5 spaces for your photographs. If you are pitching yourself as a writer you can use 1-to-2 of the spaces for your photographs and the other 3-to-4 with past writing samples.
  • VIDEO SUBMISSION: This is a portion that the media partners are taking very seriously. You are to record up to a 3-minute video of yourself pitching yourself to the media. This is their opportunity to see you, on camera, hear you and get a sense of why you should be considered. In the video you want to discuss who you are, what you do and what you want to do with the media outlets. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and make it an unlisted video. Then just copy and paste the URL of the video into the application form so the media partners have the opportunity to watch it.

For questions on the application process – please email us at