Unique to FITposium is the opportunity for attendees to meet face-to-face with top magazine editors, podcasters, casting directors, media producers and more during our pitch and portfolio review sessions.

Prior to the conference, FITposium will publish a list of all the participants that attendees will have the opportunity to meet with.

Sit down meetings are 3 minutes in length and allow attendees the opportunity to pitch themselves, their brand, their services, their work or their portfolio to the panelist for feedback on what they could do to improve or to potentially even book work.


  • Study the panelists to know who you could meet with. Understanding you may not have time to meet with everyone, make a list of your top options as well as your second and third choices.
  • Prepare the materials you would like to share with the panelists. This could be your photos printed out or digitally on a tablet, your writing samples or any marketing materials that you want to share.
  • The time limit of 3 minutes is strict – think of it like speed dating. Your goal is to sell yourself quickly and allow time for the panelists to ask follow up questions if need be. So try to keep your pitches short and concise.
  • Attend the portfolio review and pitch session prep course happening on Thursday October 3.