In this episode, host James Patrick chats with Rob Murgatroyd the created of the Work Hard Play Hard Podcast and Mastermind on why he chose to walk away from the chiropractic practice he created which was generating over $1 million in annual revenue.

Rob shares his journey about what he calls his “quiet desperation” and how the life he was living and the future he was creating was not in alignment (pardon the pun) with what he wanted. He started to journal daily with the topic “what do you want?” to force himself to dig deeper and deeper about his goals and true intentions.

He became what host James calls “an evangelist for life” launching his Work Hard Play Hard Podcast and developing his mastermind which quickly sold out.

This episode gets granular about Rob’s journey, the lessons learned and the amazing insights he has had along the way to create the life he believed was worth living. Oh ya, and he is now even generating more revenue than he was before he left his practice.

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