This year we decided to get our FITposium Pro’s involved in our planning process and gave them an opportunity to submit themes for this years conference, for a chance to win a free pass to FITposium 2019. There were so many great and creative ideas that were submitted and it really came down to which theme spoke to us and how it fit in the overall picture of what FITposium stands for.

We are excited to announce our theme for the 2019 FITposium conference is REVOLUTIONIZING FITNESS, submitted by Monique Martinez.

FITposium is about helping people take a chance in their own lives and careers. To take that step and make something for themselves. To leave a lasting impact through their passion.

That is a revolution.

The fitness industry is shifting and FITposium is the catalyst for that change. As we shift from what was, to what soon will be, FITposium will provide the education, the knowledge, the tools and the expertise to help you navigate through that change.

In order to grow, we must shift our mindsets and our actions around what is possible and revolutionize the work that we do. Business is getting more and more competitive so we must stay ahead of the curve and be the game changers.

At FITposium 2019 we will revolutionize the connections we form and the impact we leave on each other, on our clients and on the world.

Thus, FITposium is drawing a line in the sand.

Revolutionize fitness with us…are you ready?