FITposium is now accepting sponsors for the upcoming 2022 conference!

We have a variety of sponsor packages available for companies interested in getting their product or service in front of the next industry leaders. Next FITposium conference: October 13-15, 2022 – Phoenix, AZ

There is no other event for this unparalleled experience. FITposium attendees are passionate, action-taking fitness enthusiasts. To them, health and fitness is not just a lifestyle; it is a priority and a committed career path. The conference was built to engage a loyal community and catapult them towards success.


Participant professions include fitness modeling talents, personal trainers, app developers, gym owners, clothing designers, supplement company owners, franchisees, realtors, bloggers, life coaches, authors, photographers, public speakers, medical professionals, magazine editors, competition prep and posing coaches, sponsored athletes, brand ambassadors and more!

The rapidly expanding FITposium conference mirrors the growth and development seen in all facets of the health and fitness industry including increases in gym memberships, personal trainers and coaches, athletic apparel companies and wellness trends.


FITposium has an exponentially growing audience that includes past conference attendees, speakers, sponsors, ambassadors, special guests as well as their respective networks forming on large connected community of fitness professionals.

Please contact us at to indicate your interest in sponsoring our upcoming 2022 conference. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The sooner you get involved, the more exposure and benefit you will have the opportunity to receive!

“As a new model I couldn’t wait to go to FITposium. James Patrick brought some amazing speakers from all sides of the industry. I took pages of notes and a lot of helpful information home with me. I learned so much in just one day. I was able to network and make many connections in the industry while there was photographers, designers and other models in attendance.”

– McKenzie Kelly, 2015 FITposium Pro