There is a misperception of entrepreneurs that is essential to shed light upon. When we look upon successful entrepreneurs we assume they possess all the courage they require to get to where they are.

We assume they had courage prior to launching their blog.

We assume they had courage to grow their YouTube viewers.

We assume they had courage to gather a tribe of followers.

We assume they had courage to publish their book.

We assume they had courage to open up their own franchise.

We assume they had courage to put themselves in front of magazine editors.

We assume they had courage to leave their job to launch their business.

I am here to tell you that they did not.

When faced with the decision to do something, the successful entrepreneur and you will feel the exact same thing. It’s fear. The fear of whether or not this will work out. What if I don’t have enough experience? What if I don’t have enough education? What if I am too old or too young to do this?

Imagine that! Those the exact same fears you feel before you do something are the same as those who inspire us.

The difference comes in what happens next. Do you allow those fears to stop you right, or do you move forward in spite of? That right there is what separates successful entrepreneurs from everyone else.

They do not have more courage than you as they were just as fearful as you are now. But, they didn’t let that stop them. They let it fuel the flame of that entrepreneurial fire deep down inside of them.

And it was by acting this way that they developed courage.

You will never develop the courage to jump start your idea before you launch it. You will only get the courage after you have already launched.

James Patrick, ACG, ALB

James Patrick, ACG, ALB, is an Arizona-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in sports, fitness, commercial and fashion. A graduate from the University of Arizona with his degree in Journalism, he has also worked as a writer, marketer and public speaker. His photography work has been internationally published and has received more than 30 ADDY® Awards from the American Advertising Federation. James is the author of the Fit Model Guide: How to Get Published e-book and founder of the FITposium annual conference and online education network. His photography and blog appear on his website and he is on Instagram @jpatrickphoto.