Our February FITposium Pro’s Story

Evina Del Pizzo Experience: Third Times the Charm

There is a new fitness conference that is booming with experience for fitness professionals looking to start their career in the fitness industry. It’s held every October in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 3 years. There has been a slew of success stories and an abundance of growth. It is called FITposium; a specialized conference to get the marketing materials and business development needed by real life fitness professionals. Trust me, the motivation is high.

James Patrick and I have known each other for the last 15 years. When I started modeling since I was 15, James was one of the first professional photographers I shot with as an adult. He is the one who came to with the idea of FITposium, along with his amazing team, way before the events had begun. It first started off with a trial of 50 fitness professionals in attendance. This past year it has grown over 200 attendees and they have prediction that this next year will get past the 400 mark.

Every single person attached to the event has a serious passion for what they do and they show others how to succeed by passing on their experience to future influencers. Often there are people with great ideas, but they don’t know where to start. FITposium has that perfect blend of castings, photo shoots, feedback, and tools to help build a brand. My first and second experience with this event was the intimidation. I have always had a hard time when it came to networking, mostly because I don’t know how. But truth be told, I felt like I had nothing to offer.

Year three felt totally different. I came in on a flight Thursday afternoon by myself and with no Uber. I found what looked like another fitness professional and asked if I could ride with her. Her name was Jennifer Kae. We ended up splitting the Uber, and getting to know each other along the way. When we both arrived at the hotel, checked-in and went our separate ways. I decided to go out for a run, but about half way through, I started to feel uneasy, I attempted to squeeze out a workout as best I could. After I knew I had no more, I went to my room and relaxed. What I thought was travel sickness got worse by morning time.

In the morning I checked in and ran into James Patrick. I swung around and was greeted with a welcoming smile and hug.  I was able to meet up with old friends, have breakfast, and enjoy their company. After I was dropped off, my head ache proceeded to get worse. I was unable to really give my all to the workshops planned at FITposium. So instead, I jumped in a few conversations with those I met the previous years and reconnected with the now business owners that attended. I was able to hammer down the finalizations for my photo shoots with James, Heather Vines-Bright and Nicole Matthews. Also, I took the opportunity to talk business ideas with Skip Wood and his fiancé Amanda Phillips. After, I was able to run into LaRue, who is the editor of Max Sports and Fitness Magazine. I swear, that woman’s energy is infectious. She saw me and immediately climbed over the table to hug me. I felt her love and we were able to catch up like old friends that haven’t seen each other in years. After the greetings, I again felt the jolt of motivation and moved into action. Regardless of my headache, I ended up having four girls in my room going over what we should present to potential clients. I felt like this is my chance to network without the influx of a crowd that can be overwhelming.

Again, if you are a fitness professional; FITposium is the place you want to be if you are willing to learn and receive feedback about your business. If you haven’t yet, please check it out on their Instagram or Facebook.

Writer: Evina Del Pizzo

Edited by: Taylor Salewske