A lot of people ask why FITposium? Why not go to some bigger conference that everyone goes to in California, Florida or wherever? Well, lets compare US vs. THEM!

Conference Size: US- 250-500 vs. THEM- 1000+ attendees

We like to keep our conference smaller and personal so it is easier to network, meet with speakers and we want to know you!

Conference Cost: US- Depending on your Pass selection $249-448 vs. THEM $500-1000+

We know that attending our event is an expense for your brand and business. So, we work hard to not put a huge dent in your wallet, which is why we have come up with different pass options!

Conference Sponsors: US- big name, small businesses and starters vs. THEM: big name sponsors only

We have many different options for sponsors which gives all types of brands and businesses the opportunity to be at FITposium. This is because we care about small business, and start ups. We want to see them succeed.

Conference Speakers: US- fitness celebrities, business people and more vs. THEM: big name speakers

We work hard to get the best speakers to better the interest of all attendees. So, we get top fitness minded people, great business stories and advice along with the opportunity to meet with these speakers instead of just watching them in a big auditorium!

Conference Length: US- full weekend but all year round vs. THEM: one day or maybe a weekend

Spending October 5-7th in Phoenix will be three packed days of knowledge, fun and inspiration! We want you to get your monies worth and work hard to stay connected with you year round through our website and social media.

Conference Prizes: US- there is something for everyone plus more vs. THEM- maybe if you’re lucky

Everyone will enjoy their swag bags, possible gifts from sponsors and big prizes from magazine editors and sponsors! We have seen many FITposium attendees win photoshoot spread in magazines, covers and brand ambassadors for great fitness companies!

MORE AMAZING FITposium ONLY BENEFITS– one on one time with top fitness magazine editors, a fitness fashion show, year round content to help you through podcasts, articles and videos and the ability to always reach out to your FITposium family!

Get your passes and join our fitness networking community because we know that with previous attendees success there will be much more to come in the future of FITposium. Maybe you’ll be our next stand out star?!

Editor in Chief: Taylor Salewske