Tonight you’re at home bored out of your mind so you decide to get in your car and go to the local movie theatre. As you walk in the door you see the array of movies to choose from. Now you have to make the ultimate decision on what movie you are going to see. Maybe a scary one? No, not that because you brought your kids and you need to keep it PG. Or maybe you can convince your significant other to finally see that romantic comedy where they meet, break up and end up together! (because God forbid they don’t)

As I am sure we have all been in this scenario, we can relate this to our brand, business and social media. Why? Well, whatever the genre or ratings of a movie there are always going to be a certain segment of the population that it is marketed to, just like you! Not everyone is going to buy a ticket for what you’re promoting, not everyone is going to give you a 5 star rating but it is your job to find the people that do! Social media is a great way to find those people so we need to make the best postings that our fans and followers want to see.

So, let’s first find out the rating or genre you are on social media! What are your posts like? Are you strictly business keeping it PG? Or do you like to show a little more? According to the survey that was made available to our FITposium family, about 43% of respondents noted that they have a separate social media from their personal account. This works well for a lot of people if their brand our business is more interpersonal and more filled with content, product and marketing to boost awareness. But, a lot of people find it successful to keep the personal and business accounts as one, this way it can lead followers to relate to you, your story and what has made you, you! I would relate this to do you want to go see an emotional and inspirational movie or maybe a enriched documentary?!

Now, going over more of the results in the survey it was apparent that there were major differences between males and females on social media with 89% of respondents agreeing with this. When asked if they’ve posted pictures in competition, swimsuit or athletic look 87% said that they have. Then they were asked if they have posted pictures in underwear, lingerie or nude about 39% of respondents said that they have. The next questions asked is where things got interesting between males and females social media postings. When asked if they were comfortable with seeing men or women post pictures in competition, swimsuit or athletic look both sexes received 100% yes. (still keeping it PG13?)

When asked if respondents were comfortable with women posting pictures in underwear, lingerie or nude the results…

In comparison this was the results for the same question about men…

The results show that respondents were far more uncomfortable with men posting pictures in underwear, lingerie or nude with about 24 percentage points more than women. While 38% were comfortable with women posting these pictures as opposed to about 23% of men’s posts. It is interesting to see that roughly the same percentage of respondents were just uncomfortable with nude photos for both genders. So, it is clear that as a society we are more desensitized to seeing more revealing photos of women as opposed to men, and adding that the respondents of this survey were 82% women!

Go look at your social media pages. What would you rate it? What genre are you? Who are your followers? Why do they follow you?

No matter what you post their will be people who love it and people who do not. The key is to stay on brand with who you are and what you want to represent. If you have a website for weight loss stay on that brand your followers are going to buy tickets to that show! Maybe you’re a bodybuilder and your followers look to your process as inspiration. Or you’ve done some modeling and your followers love to see your published works or photoshoots. Whatever is getting the most hits, comments or shares is what your fans love to see. Stay on that brand. Don’t let your fans buy tickets to your movie and then make them sit through 20 minutes of commercials, give them the show that they’ve invested in seeing. Regardless if it is PG or R rated, be you but know what you do post is a reflection of you, your brand and your business. So, every time you hit that post button think; what am I wanting to get out of this post, does this represent me and is this what my followers enjoy seeing?

Your goal should be to increase those box office ticket sales, receive 5 star reviews and to continue to create the best sequels in your social media posting show!

Thank you to those who took the survey, so I could give you the stats from the results to help your brand and business!

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Taylor Salewske