FITposium is not only a conference, but it has taken on a life of its own in the health and fitness community. As FITposium grows, we have the opportunity to touch more and more health and fitness professionals and impact their business growth with the connections, education and opportunities we provide. One of those very important opportunities that we are proud of providing is the FITprenuer of the Year Award. This annual award is given to the FITposium Pro who took what they learned at FITposium and excelled in the application of outstanding business achievements in the health and fitness industry as well as their contributions back to the community itself.

Our past FITpreneurs include 2016 FITpreneur, Karey Northington, Owner/Operator of Protein House, Gilbert; 2017 FITpreneur, Lindsey Schwartz, Author of “Powerhouse Woman” and Creator of the Powerhouse Women Event and Podcast; and 2018 FITpreneur, Dr. Megan Rigby, Doctorate Prepared Pediatric GI Nurse Practitioner, IFBB Figure Pro, Blogger and Online Fitness Coach.

Karey Northington was our very first FITprenuer and paved the way for the rest of our amazing winners. Karey was selected for her impact as a leader in the industry, her career achievements and her unparalleled ability to inspire those around her. She transformed from barely being able to cover the cost of living at a desk job she hated, to a six-figure income doing work she was passionate about. Karey’s favorite business tip is “Consistency will lead to success over time. Focus on showing up every day.”

Lindsey Schwartz was a clear choice in 2017. Two years in a row she took home the title of Miss Bikini Arizona at the Fitness Arizona Competition. Once she stepped off the stage she developed a passion for entrepreneurship and encouraging other women to start businesses of their own. She launched her own book Powerhouse Woman: How to Get Out of Your Own Way, Fulfill Your Unique Purpose and Live a Powerful Life. The book appeared on Amazon and reached #11 in the list for Women in Business and #2 for Hot New Releases on Amazon making her a bestseller. From there she then launched the Powerhouse Women Event, which brings hundreds of women for a day of inspiration and encouragement and this year she launched The Powerhouse Woman Podcast. Lindsey shares with us “the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last 3 years is that I’m not supposed to have all the talents and skills necessary to bring my vision to life. My business and brand have grown exponentially the more I’ve leaned into what my zone of genius is, and hired help for the other areas.”

Dr. Megan Rigby, last year’s FITpreneur turned what she used to see as a hobby into a full time fitness career that has been growing exponentially ever since. In under a single year she scaled her business to a multi-6 figure level and has been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of women. She also has teamed up with the 2016 FITpreneur of the Year Winner, Karey Northington, to launch STRONGER CAMPS – a series of bootcamp and educational workshops in the Phoenix area. Dr. Rigby continues with her success and shares some advice, “When looking to start or fine-tune a business, it is essential that you find your voice and purpose. Being able to articulate your cause with conviction is the most authentic way to relate to others. It was when I discovered who I was as an entrepreneur and what I wanted to offer, that I finally found my path to success.”

So…who will we add to this amazing line up of successful entrepreneurs?
Come to FITposium 2019 and find out!