There are over 330,000 personal trainers in the US.

There are over 37,000 fitness gyms in the US.

There are hundreds of thousands of health and fitness products, speciality gyms, coaches, bloggers, models, restaurants, competitors and so much more… So how do you stand out in this saturated market?

Even though the US holds the record for the most obese country in the world, we still have millions of people out there who are either looking to lose, gain and maintain weight. With all of these different goals for the health concious consumers out there, you need to put into consideration the type of person who is perfect for your brand or business.

To find what sets you apart you need to first build the perfect consumer for you… How old are they? What gender? What do they like to do for workouts? What type of plan are they looking for? Do they need nutrition coaching? What are there goals? And so on…

Next, what are you looking to get out of your brand or business… To help who? Get noticed in the fitness industry? Expand more and more? Increase your followers/subscribers? Make bank? Or maybe it’s just a side-gig?

Another thing you need to consider is that there are so many different products and services for every trend that goes in and out of the market, as us fitness entrepreneurs know. So, how do you avoid being a fad? Stay ahead of the curve? And compete with the other powerhouse businesses in the industry?

Well, you need to know you niche and stay strong in that until your brand is stable enough to expand. If I was the owner of a speciality gym that does a boot camp weight loss program, I am not going to just start up a bodybuilding competitor posing program within the same business… That just doesn’t make sense! But, maybe I could bring in nutrition coaching within the program to aid the weight loss.

Everyone in the fitness industry is very energetic, confident and creative which can be a double edge sword. You need to avoid becoming too excited about the random idea that pops into your head mid-set of deadlifts. Really think about your brand, make pros and cons lists, put your perfect consumer first and think would this work for what I am selling.

One of the many great things about this country is our small business and entrepreneurial spirit, and that gives us all a platform to become massively successful if you work harder than anyone, find what sets YOU apart from the rest and build off of what differentiates you from the rest. If you are starting an athletic apparel company you know you’re not going to just take on Nike, a fitness monopoly, right away. Again, first think of who is buying your products, what your goals are for your brand and market, market, market on what makes YOU different.

And if you need help figuring this all out, as I think we all do, come to FITposium in PHOENIX on October 7-9th to learn and network with the best!

Editor in Chief: Taylor Salewske