If you are as excited as we are for the conference coming up in the next couple weeks, you may be freaking out about the time you get to present yourself to the magazine editors that will be there… Am I right? Probably!

What you should bring?

Make a small portfolio either printed or on a tablet to show some of the photos you have had done of you. Make sure they represent who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish and that it aligns with your brand/business. Maybe you have been previously published in a magazine or represent a brand in an advertisement, bring those photos! If you haven’t had professional photos, don’t sweat, try to get the best photos you can.

Have some business cards with your name, contact information and photo. You only get a couple minutes to meet these editors, so make sure they can remember your face and name by giving them this information.

Have a notebook and a pen. This way you can take any notes that the editors comment on you and your presentation. Also, it is a great way to be prepared if the editors want to give you their contact information so you can further connect with them!

Bring your ideas. Maybe you already have a great idea for an article for one of the magazines?! That’s great, this way you can see what the editors will think right away. Know that not all of the editors represent the same brand, so know who you are talking to when you present your ideas.

Bring your best self! Don’t be nervous, don’t freak out and don’t worry! These editors are people too, and are there to help you understand the magazine fitness world! You want honesty and you want to represent your best you. If you go in to the conversations all scared, there is a chance you won’t be able to say everything you will want to about you, your brand, your business and your ideas!

We can’t wait to see you at the conference and maybe you’ll be one of our next FITposium stars to make the cover of a top fitness magazine!