The single most important thing you can do for your online fitness business is to niche down and get crystal clear on exactly who your ideal client is. Gone are the days when general weight loss will stop the scroll and turn followers into clients. In order to cut through the noise of today’s crowded online space, you need to dig your heels deep into a niche and get to know your people, their needs, and their desires in an intimate way.

I know that sounds scary. Niching down means saying no to a lot of potential clients. But it also means saying yes to the exact clients you want to work with, over and over again. It will make you an effective content creator, enable you to convert at far higher rates, and make you the very best at what you do.

Choosing a niche allows you to speak directly to your ideal client.

Once you have niched down and know exactly who your client is you can create magnetic content that draws your people in. Why does this matter? So much of marketing is about effective communication. Niching down allows you to do effective market research on who your ideal client is and what they are looking for. This research will give you the language you need to make your readers feel as though you are speaking directly to them, effectively attracting the right types of clients and repelling the wrong types of clients. Niching down allows you to make a B-line to your people and find out exactly what they need so you have a clear content plan for them as you create offers and market your services.

Choosing a niche will make you a more effective coach.

Choosing a niche forces you to dive deep into your subject area. The more you research, the more you will find. The more you work in your niche, the more you will be asked questions and the more you will have to learn. This will translate into better results for your clients and give you more and more credibility as time goes on. The topics and issues in your niche will never run dry. As you grow more and more knowledgeable, your clients will benefit at far higher rates than when you generalize. The age old analogy still stands – when you are having heart issues, would you rather see a heart specialist or a general practitioner? You will always choose the specialist, because their knowledge base and experience is more likely to give you the best possible outcome. The same is true in the online fitness space. Niching down and becoming a specialist is your ticket to maximum results for your clients.

Choosing a niche establishes your authority.

Once you choose a niche and operate in that space for a while – getting your people real results – you will become an expert in your field: the go-to girl/guy for “xyz”. Every time someone needs “xyz” you will be top of mind. Niching + consistent content + a solid visibility plan is your ticket to becoming a guru in your field. Don’t believe me? When you think of glutes – you think Bret Contreras, am I right? He’s where you go for glute info – he’s where you go for glute building product recs, he’s where you go to build your glutes. That’s the power of niching!

A few disclaimers…

Niches can change over time. Don’t feel like you are locked into one specific thing forever. If you build your authority, following and know-like-trust factor, people will follow you when you switch gears or narrow down your niche.

Despite niching down, you will still draw in outliers: people who don’t quite fit your ideal client avatar. That’s okay too! You get to choose who you work with. If an outlier reaches out, despite knowing you specialize in something else – you can either refer them or take them on.

Niching down can feel counterintuitive at times, but there is real power in finding your place and becoming a go-to authority. The long-term benefit of getting specific, building your skillset and becoming an expert will allow you to grow your business and change lives in some pretty massive ways. At the end of the day, the fastest and most direct route to creating a fitness business that stands the test of time is to niche down, get to know your ideal client and stay consistent.

Danielle Cevallos

Owner of Basic Girl Marketing

Marketing Strategy + Copywriting for Online Fitness Coaches Who Want to Land More Clients