FITposium Gets Fit Brands In Shape!

FITposium Gets Fit Brands In Shape!

2017 FITposium Conference

ONLY $249*
October 20-21, 2017 – Phoenix Arizona

Learn how to establish your brand, market your brand, profit from your brand and get published in the health and fitness industry at this two day conference.
*Plus taxes and fees

2016 Conference Recap

The FITposium 2016 Conference in Arizona brought together more than 150 professionals in the health and fitness industry to share insights, ideas and best practices. Attendees connected with like-minded enthusiasts with shared-interests to learn how to establish a marketable brand, techniques for business development, what magazine editors are looking for and, most importantly, how to make a profit pursuing their dreams.

FITposium Mission

FITposium provides fitness enthusiasts with the valuable information and viable resources to support them in becoming successful entrepreneurs through an annual conference, a connected community and an online continuing education network each predicated on three essential pillars:

–   How to establish your brand
–   How to market your brand
–   How to profit from you brand

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